Frequently asked questions

 If Khiron is a medical cannabis company does this mean that Kuida products have medical effects on the skin?

Kuida cosmeceutical products have benefits that improve the skins conditions because its active ingredients have been shown to have properties that improve conditions such as dryness and it also prevents aging, but we do not have therapeutic claims.

Do you already have a commercial cultivation? Where do you get the CBD-inputs that are used in your products?

Yes, we already have a cultivation for commercial purposes.

One of the pillars of the company is to always be the first, what we saw this time was an opportunity in the market and next year we will be consolidating our entire supply chain.

Is it legal to use Kuida products?

Yes, it is 100% legal, we have a commercialization permit from the INVIMA (acronym in Spanish, The Colombia National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute) for these types of products, which are called mandatory health notifications.

Is it true you are the first with legal cannabis products in Colombia?

We are the first licensed company with CBD cosmeceutical products, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

Can the product be exported?

Yes, we are in an homologation process in many countries of the permits these products already have in Colombia in order to initiate the export process.

Where can I take Kuida products? Can I take them if I go to the USA or another destination?

We understand the Colombian regulation, where we have no restriction on the product. It’s important to clarify that CBD, is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis and our products do not have a use or mobility restriction.

On the other hand, each country has an autonomous regulation; in the United States for example, there is a very strict federal limitation on cannabis-based products. However, its important to highlight that, in the United States, although are authorized state-level products, mobility between states is not always allowed.

What is the penalty of having a Kuida product in a country where it is not allowed?

We can only speak about the Colombian regulation where it is allowed and there is no penalty for using Kuida products, each country has their own regulation.

Will the company inform the public about these special conditions?

Of course, this information is public on our webpage.

Is there any contraindication regarding the use of any product of the Kuida portfolio?

There is none, they are products made with the highest quality and have no contraindication for users. There may be a contraindication, if a user is allergic to one of the components.

If any inconvenience or adverse reaction is generated, we recommend contacting our customer service channels and consulting with your doctor.

Do Kuida products have any contraindication for pregnant women?

There is no information or study that demonstrates negative effects due to the use of CBD cosmeceutical products in pregnant women. However, as a company we recommend that if you have doubts, consult with your doctor.

Is there any problem with carrying Kuida products in regard to the minimum dose decree in the country?

Since Kuida products, have less than 1% THC, they are not narcotics nor controlled substances, the minimum dose decree authorizes the police only to confiscate narcotic drugs. Therefore, the police do not have the authority to confiscate Kuida products.

We reiterate that our products are 100% legal, we have a commercialization permit from INVIMA for these types of products, which are called mandatory health notifications.