1. Who are we?
    2. Acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Purposes of the Processing of Information
    3. Personal Data that we handle and Purposes of the Processing of Information
    4. Purposes of the Processing of Information and Personal Data
    5. Validity of the Processing of Information and Personal Data
    6. Use of Cookies
    7. Protection, Security and Confidentiality of Information and Personal Data
    8. Rights that Assist the Owner of the Information
    9. General Procedure for Exercising the Rights of Customers and Users as Owners of Personal Information
    10. Industrial Property


The use and access to this website is governed by the conditions indicated below and the laws in force. Khiron Life Sciences Corp and its affiliated companies (hereinafter, “Khiron”) are responsible for the administration and updating of this document and are the only ones authorized to execute this activity.

The use and access to this website is subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use and the acceptance of the Personal Data Processing Policy set forth herein, which becomes effective as of its publication. When you access, as a client or user of this website, you declare that you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use indicated herein and the Personal Data Processing Policy. Khiron will be able, to at any time and without authorization nor notification required, review and modify the information included herein

Khiron reserves the right to prevent access to this website to persons who violate the Terms and Conditions of Use. Likewise, it reserves the right to bring forward the relevant legal actions due to any breach incurred in regarding the Terms and Conditions of Use.


We recognize the importance of security, privacy and confidentiality of personal information that customers and users provide our company through the various channels enabled (websites, applications, physical documents, among others) and we are committed to the adequate protection and processing of them, in accordance with the legal regime of personal data protection applicable in each jurisdiction in which we operate.

Therefore, the objective of the present policy is to establish a general guideline for the use of the enabled channels and to communicate to the clients and users that are owners of the personal information the type of data that we collect, the purposes of the processing that makes the provision of our service possible, the protection and the rights that assist them as owners of the information, as well as the procedures for exercising these rights.


 The content published on the authorized channels is property of Khiron and has an informative purpose, for this reason, although the people who have participated in the creation and elaboration of its content have tried and always try to include accurate and updated information, no type of guarantee nor representation is granted regarding the accuracy and updating of the information. In this sense, neither Khiron nor the third parties that are part of the creation, transmission and production of the content are liable for any damages or losses generated as a result of access or the impossibility of access or the use or impossibility of using this website and other channels enabled, or for the fact of having relied on the information indicated throughout them.

The information published on this website is not intended to offer a medical or cosmetic solution to users who access it. For this reason, it is recommended that people with any condition, disease or aesthetic defect go to a health specialist in order to attend to the specific case and implement the appropriate medical or aesthetic processing under appropriate supervision.

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Commercial and Marketing Department


  • Who are we?

Khiron Life Sciences Corp, is a Canadian company dedicated to the cultivation, manufacturing and commercialization of cannabis-based medical and cosmeceutical products, (hereinafter “Khiron”) Currently, Khiron operates and develops the aforementioned activities through its subsidiary in Colombia, known as Khiron Colombia S.A.S.

  • Acceptance of this Privacy Policy and Purposes of the Processing of Information.

For purposes of this policy, “Processing” means any operation or set of operations on personal data, such as the collection, storage, use, circulation or deletion of the same.

The acceptance of this privacy policy and the processing of personal data according to the terms thereof, occurs when the client and the owner provide their personal data through any channel or medium established by Khiron, such as: service points and sale, when you purchase or use any of our products, when you click on the “Continue” function and continue browsing our websites and, or when you use any of our electronic services in any version. The proof of any of these facts will be unequivocal proof of the acceptance of this privacy policy and the processing of personal data.

By accepting this privacy policy, each of our clients and users, in their capacity as owners of the information, authorize Khiron to carry out the processing of it, partially or totally. The foregoing includes the collection, storage, recording, use, circulation, processing, suppression, transmission and transfer of information within the country and/or third countries within the terms established in this privacy policy and for the purposes of processing described in this document, especially for:

  • Send to the e-mails registered by the client and the main user any information related to Khiron’s products or services.
  • Use the information received for marketing purposes of their own and/or third party products and services with those individuals or legal entities with whom Khiron maintains a business relationship, depending on the region in which the personal data is processed and in compliance with the applicable regulation.
  • Share information and personal data, when the provision of the service requires it, with: commercial representatives, medical centers, insurers, among others, as required by the contracted service.
  • Provide information and personal data to the control and surveillance authorities, administrative, police and judicial authorities, national and international, by virtue of a legal or regulatory requirement and/or use or disclose this information and personal data in defense of Khiron’s rights and/or property, its customers, our websites or its users, for the detection or prevention of fraud and for the prevention, detection, apprehension or prosecution of criminal acts.
  • Allow access to information and personal data to auditors or third parties hired by Khiron to carry out internal or external audit processes specific to the commercial activity that is carried out.
  • Consult and update the information and personal data of customers and users in the development of business activities developed by Khiron
  • Contract with third parties the storage and/or processing of information and personal data for the proper execution of the contracts signed by Khiron, under the internal and legal or regulatory security and confidentiality standards to which it is obliged.
  • Transfer your information and personal data in case of a change of control within Khiron or any of the business units through a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, spin-off or creation, to the new entity in control of Khiron or the business unit. If as a consequence of the change of control there is a change in the person responsible for the processing of information and personal data, this situation will be informed to the owners of the information and personal data, so that they exercise the rights in accordance with the applicable law. The conditions under which the owners may exercise their rights will be indicated at the time of reporting the change of control.


  • Information and Personal Data that we Handle

Khiron can collect information and personal data of clients and users, which may vary according to requirements of local authorities, technological facilities, nature of the product and/or service to be provided, among others. For such purposes, we may collect the following personal information, which may be stored and/or processed in servers located at computer centers, either owned or contracted with third parties, located in different countries. According to the principle of transparency we have made a list of personal data that is processed by Khiron:

  • Identification of General Data: Name and last name of the customer and/or user, date of birth, Identification No. or ID, gender, civil status and profession, and its respective accreditation.
  • Location Data: Postal and/or electronic address (personal and/or work), nationality and country of residence, landlines and contact cellphone number (personal and/or work)
  • Socioeconomic Content Data: Personal data of the cardholder (names and surnames, type and identification number), address information where the cardholder receives their bank statements and credit card(s) information.
  • Sensitive data: Biometric data, including images, photographs, videos, voices and/or sounds, fingerprints that identify or make identifiable our clients and users, health information or information related to medical conditions and medical vouchers that are required of the client or user.
  • Other Data: Information and personal data collected through surveys, focus groups or other market research methods and information required by Khiron employees or representatives, such as representatives of the sales and/or customer relations areas, in order to meet requests or claims.

The owners of the information and personal data will not be obliged in any event to authorize the processing of sensitive data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in cases in which in order to make the purchase of a product or the provision of a service possible, the owners provide any sensitive personal information, they must expressly consent to the processing of sensitive personal information or data by Khiron in accordance with this privacy policy.


  • Purposes of the Processing of Information and Personal Data

The information and personal data collected are used, without limitation, to process, confirm, fulfill and provide the services and/or products acquired, directly and/or with the participation of third party suppliers of products or services, as well as for the realization of shipments, refunds, attention to inquiries, complaints and claims, correspondence, processing and verification of credit cards, debit cards and other payment instruments, promoting and publicizing our activities, products and services, making financial transactions of payments, collections or reimbursements, attend legal procedures, make reports or meet the requirements of the different administrative authorities of national or international control and surveillance, police or judicial authorities, banking entities and/or insurance companies, for internal administrative and/or commercial purposes, including market research, audits, accounting reports, statistical analysis, billing, identification of frauds and prevention of money laundering and other criminal activities and other purposes indicated in this document.

The processing of information and personal data by those responsible and in charge is framed in the guarantee and respect of the principles of processing defined by the applicable law. These principles are the principles of legality, legality, freedom, transparency, consent, information, quality, restricted access and circulation, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, security and confidentiality.


  • Validity of the Processing of Information and Personal Data

The validity of the information depends on compliance with the purpose of the use. Therefore, the information provided by customers and users may remain stored for up to ten (10) years starting on the date of the last processing or for all the time necessary to comply with the provisions applicable to the subject matter in question, the administrative, accounting, fiscal, legal and historical aspects of the information.


  • Use of Cookies

Khiron may use cookies and other similar technologies in its web pages, applications and electronic devices used to access them, in order to know the origin, increase the functionality and accessibility of websites, verify that users comply with the criteria required to process their requests and to adapt their products and services to the needs of users, being able to obtain the following general information:

  • The type of browser and operating system used.
  • The websites visited..
  • The IP address.
  • Duration of browsing time.
  • Device language.
  • The links that are accessed.
  • The site visited before entering our web pages.

These cookies and other similar technologies can be disabled and eliminated by the user or client whenever he wishes.


  • Protection, Security and Confidentiality of Information and Personal Data

The protection, security and confidentiality of the information and personal data of our customers or users is of vital importance to Khiron. For this reason, Khiron has information security policies and procedures, which may change at any time at the discretion of Khiron, and whose purpose is to protect and preserve the integrity, confidentiality and availability of personal information and data, regardless of the medium or format where they are located, their temporary or permanent location or the way in which they are transmitted. In this sense, we rely on technological security tools and implement recognized security practices in the industry, which include: transmission and storage of sensitive information through secure mechanisms, such as encryption, use of secure protocols, securing of technological components, restriction of access to information only to authorized personnel, backup of information, safe software development practices, among others.

The third parties hired by Khiron are also obliged to adhere to and comply with this privacy policy, as well as the security protocols we apply to all our processes. All Khiron contracts with third parties (contractors, external consultants, temporary collaborators, etc.) that involves the processing of information and personal data of our customers or users, includes a confidentiality agreement that details their commitments for protection, care, safety and security, preservation of confidentiality, integrity and privacy thereof.


  • Rights that Assist the Owner of the Information

The owner of the information is informed about the rights that the applicable laws grant him as owner of his personal data and that are listed below:

  • Know, update and rectify your information and personal data at the entity responsible for the processing or in charge of processing your information and personal data.
  • Request proof of the authorization granted to the responsible of the processing, except when expressly excepted as a requirement for processing.
  • To be informed by the person responsible for the processing, upon request, on the use that has been given to the information and personal data.
  • Submit complaints to the competent authorities for infractions on the personal data protection regime applicable to them.
  • Revoke the authorization and / or request the deletion of information and personal data in the terms of this privacy policy.
  • Access your information and personal data that have been subject to processing, upon request to Khiron, under the terms of current regulations that apply to you of confidentiality, integrity and privacy thereof.


  • General Procedure for Exercising the Rights of Customers and Users as Owners of Personal Information.

The customers and users of Khiron products and services have the right to know the details of the processing of their personal data and to exercise their rights as owners thereof, under the terms of the data protection rules that apply to them and in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. For the purposes of the foregoing, this policy defines the general procedure for the exercise of rights by the owners of the information, without prejudice to the application of specific stipulations and procedures that the local laws of each territory may contemplate. In case of discrepancy between the general procedure and the stipulations or specific procedures contained in the applicable local norms of each territory, the specific stipulations shall prevail.

The responsible of processing is in charge of promoting and enforcing the Personal Data Protection Program. For this Khiron has enabled specific channels of attention so that those interested can exercise their rights regarding the processing of their personal data such as email:

Those interested in the Khiron’s Kuida line can submit their queries and consultations to the following WhatsApp 3212123185.


  • Consultations and Claims

The owner of the information and/or who exercises the right on their behalf, must prove their ownership in order to avoid loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access by a person other than the interested party and/or whom does not have legal mandate to act on his behalf. Accreditation by the owner will be provided by means of a: physical or digital copy of the relevant identification document and his/her passport, according to the means of presentation of the query.

The request to exercise any of the rights mentioned in number 5.8 must be submitted by digital means, through the channels enabled by Khiron for this and identified in this privacy policy.

The request for the exercise of any of the aforementioned rights must contain at least the following information:

  • Name of the Interested Party, his/her representative and/or the person exercising the right on his/her behalf.
  • Concrete, precise and justified request of the right invoked.
  • Physical and/or electronic address for notifications.
  • Documents that support the application (if applicable).
  • Signature of the petitioner according to the means of the request.

Consultation: They will be attended within a maximum term of ten (10) business days from the date of receipt of the same. When it is not possible to attend the consultation within that term, we will inform the reasons for the delay, indicating the date on which your consultation will be attended, which in no case may exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the first term.

Claims:  They will be attended within a maximum term of fifteen (15) business days counted from the day following the date of receipt duly supported. When it is not possible to meet the claim within said term, you will be informed of the reasons for the delay and the date on which your claim will be handled, which in no case may exceed eight (8) business days following the expiration of the first term.


  • Channels Enabled for the Attention of Consultations and Claims

To make your rights effective, customers and users can exercise their rights to know, update, rectify and delete their information and personal data by sending their request to the email


  • Industrial Property

The trademarks on this website are property of Khiron. The unauthorized use of these registered trademarks and other materials of the websites is expressly prohibited. Such infringement will be considered a violation of copyright, trademark law and other industrial property rights, as applicable.

The names, denominations, designs, photographs and illustrations found on the websites constitute rights protected by the laws of industrial property, for this reason, they may not be used or exploited by third parties without prior authorization from Khiron.

It is not allowed to reproduce, copy, retransmit, download or distribute texts or documents contained in the websites without the prior authorization of Khiron.